Russell Ridd

Russell Ridd grew up on a farm and became the President and Chairman of the Board for The Wayne Bank. His early schooling took place in a one-room schoolhouse. He graduated from Honesdale High School and attended a local business school. His true education came from his life experience. A great listener with a sympathetic ear, Mr. Ridd was able to help many of his neighbors through financial challenges. His tenure at the top garnered some of the strongest growth for the bank. Upon retirement he joined the Board of Directors for The Dorflinger-Suydam Sanctuary as its Founding President. He was the President and Treasurer of the Trustees for the Wayne County Library where he chaired the Minor Library Fund. The fund started with $50K and is now valued at well over $1 million. Married to the neighboring “Farmer’s Daughter,” Evelyn, for over seventy years, their relationship is a reflection of respect, partnership, and love. Now in their nineties, listen as they share their life experiences in what they never expected in their wildest dreams